Your All-In-One Solution for Offering Live Online Sessions & Videos On Demand

Yondo is an all-in-one solution that allows you to easily Sell Videos Online, Webinars, Online Group Classes and Live 1-To-1 Video Consultations.


Bill Shaw, President of Entrepreneur Media says, “Entrepreneurship is all about connecting and community building, and Yondo’s amazing platform is allowing us to do just that for our readers in a streamlined, extremely user-friendly way”

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Revolutionizing the way you present Online Sales Demos, Property Tours, Group Classes & replacing Old Fashioned Webinars, etc...

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Yondo's main features and much more

Video On Demand

Offer your videos for free, pay-to-view or as your own online streaming service.

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Live 1-To-1 Sessions

Book and perform live 1-to-1 consultations and classes through your own branded video, phone, or in-office sessions.

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Webinars & Group Classes

Offer free and pay-to-attend Webinars and Group Classes for up to 1000 attendees.

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Full Ecommerce Solution

Automated emails, payment gateway, website templates, booking calendar, plugins, integrations, and more.

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Integrate on to your website

Use our plugins or custom templates to seamlessly integrate Yondo functionality to your website.

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Prebuilt Stores & Platforms

To help give you a kickstart, select from a free range of prebuilt online stores and platforms built for your industry.

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Managed Services

Don't have time to build or manage your all-in-one system? let us do it for you!

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Additional Services

Need a custom template, help with transferring videos or want your own branded platform for your startup?

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Prebuilt Stores & Platforms

Our support team is always there for you.

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